Hike 30

BraveCort will embark on their inaugural Hike 30 challenge as we hike 30+ miles in Montana's majestic Glacier National Park over two days.

We'll experience Glacier's pristine forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains, and spectacular lakes. Glacier is a hiker's paradise for those seeking adventure, wilderness and solitude. Our hikes will take us up to one of the park's remaining 25 glaciers, as well as to the historic Granite Park Chalet, one of only two remaining back country chalets.

Working together, we will discover the incredible power that comes from connecting with people who care deeply about the same cause. We each bring unique stories, skills and perspectives to the conversation.

While we hike along Glacier's breathtaking trails enjoying the Park's beautiful vistas, we’ll get to know each other, encourage one another and experience the energy that will bring us closer to a cure for pediatric brain cancer.

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