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Funded Projects - ABC2

ABC2 - Brain Cancer Breakthroughs

Charting the fastest course toward breakthroughs for brain cancer

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2) invests in the best research, aimed at finding the fastest possible routes to a cure. We are the “special forces” in the fight against brain cancer. ABC2 was founded by Dan and Steve Case—legendary innovators in the world of finance and technology. Dan lost his battle to brain cancer but not before the brothers created this ground-breaking, venture philanthropy model.  


Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure has been built upon the belief that the status quo for brain tumor patients is not acceptable. Through strategic partnerships with medical research centers, early-stage biotechnology companies and large multi-national pharmaceutical companies they have awarded more than 100 grants totaling over $20 million to highly qualified investigators and physician-scientists from 42 institutions. They are entrepreneurs, scientists, and aggressive problem solvers who are confident that they can dramatically change the prognosis for patients with brain tumors.

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