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Funding early stage pediatric brain cancer research

Most Common

Pediatric brain tumors are the most common solid childhood cancer


No. of children diagnosed daily with cancer in U.S.


Drugs developed in the last 30 years to treat childhood cancer


Person Makes A Difference

Our Mission

To eradicate pediatric brain cancer by funding early stage research to develop new drugs targeted towards pediatric brain cancer treatment.

BraveCort members go Over The Edge - a fundraising event for brain cancer research

Projects Funded:

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BREAKTHROUGHS: Charting the fastest course towards breakthroughs for brain cancer.

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COLLABORATION: Partnering on research for a blood test for pediatric medulloblastoma.

BraveCort family members
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CONSULTING: Exploring the delivery of treatments to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

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DESIGN: Funding scientists tackling Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

What We've Done

We've hosted numerous fundraisers from the famous BraveCort Masskrugstemmen, to book drives, to going Over The Edge, and leading HIKE30 - a Montana hiking challenge. All raised dollars to fund leading edge pediatric brain cancer research.

Our Vision

Generate awareness and raise money for multiple research projects through positive, social activities that inspire, motivate and educate.

Christmas at Disneyland with BraveCort members


The name “BraveCort” stems from the character of a young boy, our young boy, Cort Kelley. At the age of 6, Cort was diagnosed with a rare form of brain tumor that had no documented cure.  In fact, the doctors came up with four different diagnoses which served as the motivation behind the BraveCort Foundation. 


Like any child stricken by a life threatening disease, Cort never wanted to be defined by his illness. He faced each of his many treatments with the intent of finishing every day with a fun and exciting activity.  Cort loved just about every sport, but had the opportunity to excel at both baseball and soccer at a young age. As his illness took its toll, Cort converted from right to left-handed for batting, throwing and writing. He was committed to succeed at all costs and was a fighter in everything he did. We miss him every minute of the day, but his spirit remains strong in all of us. 

The BraveCort Foundation was formed in 2013 with the purpose of raising funds to support research efforts in the fight against childhood cancer, specifically pediatric brain cancer research. As of today, ONLY four drugs targeting cancer treatment in children have been approved by the FDA. The typical protocol for children utilizes cancer treatments developed for adults in which the dosage levels are essentially diluted for children. ​It is heartbreaking to learn how little is currently invested in the actual research of pediatric cancers. Childhood cancer is considered a "rare" disease, and as such, there is very little economic  incentive for investment in R&D.

We at BraveCort join the fight with other pediatric cancer groups in hopes of providing our children with a bright future.

BraveCort member Cort Kelley
BraveCort members Brian and Cort Kelley
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