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July 21, 2018

Del Mar Racetrack

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BraveCort Masskrugstemmen
(beer stein holding contest)

Think you can hold your beer?


Find out for how long during the BraveCort Masskrugstemmen, a traditional Bavaria beer stein holding contest. Individuals compete against each other, testing strength and endurance while holding a 1-liter stein of beer in one hand.

Hoist a stein and raise funds to support children's brain cancer research!

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Who is the BraveCort Foundation?

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The BraveCort Foundation was formed in 2013 with the purpose of raising funds to support research efforts in the fight against childhood cancer, specifically pediatric brain cancer research. As of today, ONLY three drugs targeting cancer treatment in children have been approved by the FDA. The typical protocol for children utilizes cancer treatments developed for adults in which the dosage levels are essentially diluted for children.

It is heart breaking to learn how little is currently invested in the actual research for pediatric cancers. Childhood cancer is considered a "rare" disease, and as such, there is very little economic incentive for investment in R&D.

We at BraveCort join the fight with other pediatric cancer groups in hopes of providing our children with a bright future.


Hoisting a stein for pediatric cancer research


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Join the fight against pediatric cancer in the hopes of providing our children with a bright future
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